Sunday, April 11, 2010

day four, korean meets taiwanese meets chinese

today was sunday and it's our only day off. unfortunately no church but we did have korean bbq today! so funny, it was a korean restaurant run by taiwanese people in china. they even had kimchee jigeh! it was actually not bad.

so i've been trying to take pictures of food and buildings. sometimes it's really difficult to know what settings to do everything because i'm still getting used to my camera. i'm finding shooting people is even harder for some reason. it always comes out blurry. sigh. i guess it's a learning experience. i unfortunately have some spots on my glass too because of the rainy/humid weather. poopers.

tomorrow is monday and another day at the office.


  1. Hi, Hannah =) I found your blog on Google Buzz.
    Why are you in China? Which camera are you using?

  2. Er, this is Grace's friend, Alice, just in case you weren't sure.

  3. hi alice! hahah yes, i knew it was you. i'm in china for work. i'm using a nikon D90. :D


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