Friday, April 16, 2010

day nine, double B

this is actually day two in hong kong. it's my first time in hong kong but it reminds me of many different american big cities except with A LOT of chinese people. malls are on every corner and neon signs fill the streets.

today was a foggy start but my co-worker and i were determined to go see "double B" or the big buddha. but to go see double B you have to take a cable car all the way up to his pad.

the one we took had a glass bottom and we could see all kinds of things on the way; like this fisherman.
once you get off the cable car ride you still have to climb a series of stairs to go see double B.

surrounding double B are 6 minor statues offering various gifts. this one appears to be offering a plate of dumplings. that's pretty cool because i happen to love dumplings. too bad they're made out of metal.

this one is offering a blossom. i don't know about double B but i'd be pretty pissed if someone tried to offer me a blossom when i was just offered a plate full of dumplings. i'd be like, "PSSHAW!"

these two seem to be offering a tiny kettle of soup and a box. by this point i'd be off my rocker. i'd be like, "that tiny kettle of soup is just insulting and what's up with the box?! did you and kettle girl shop at the same sucky store?"

maybe that's why double B was like, "yo, you know what girls, forget it, i don't want your sorry gifts. double B out."
double B was pretty moody. maybe it's because his earlobes were overly dangly today or maybe it's because his jerry curls were too tight. eh, i guess when you're double B you can do whatever you want. way to go, double B, way to go.

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