Thursday, April 8, 2010

day two, morning

good morning, the room is still freezing. hahaha but not to worry the comforters were most amazing. i might steal it. it's another cloudy grey day but we hear there is hardly a clear day in the area due to the high concentration of factories in the area. even though stricter environmental regulations have been made it doesn't matter because of the high quantity of factories in a small area. but the view from the window is really cool. we have a public park across the street.

breakfast is served and we've learned a few things:
- poached egg means hard boiled egg
- sausage means hot dog
- wheat toast means white toast
-coca-cola night means coca-cola light means diet coke. (my co-worker drinks a lot of diet coke)

almost time to go to work for another 12.5 hour work day. just another day as a chinese worker.

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