Tuesday, April 27, 2010


while in chicago i was able to have a cup of starbucks coffee brewed from their newly procured clover machines. previously these machines were only found in intelligentsia coffee shops (really great coffee) but i guess starbucks bought clover out. way to go for big corporate. ;\

i'm no coffee aficionado but clover machines are supposed to produce possibly the best tasting coffee, one cup at a time. mark and i each got a cup and i for one was a little disappointed. starbucks coffee in general has a burned taste and it really showed through with the clover machine. at first taste it was bitter, strong, and not agreeable. very oddly, the coffee peaked in flavor about 10 min after it was brewed whereas for most normal cups of coffee it would be begin to break down and become bitter at that time. it was a strange thing.

my personal conclusion is if a clover machine is at the starbucks i'm at i'll probably order a cup. if not, i won't go looking for it. i'd rather have a cup from intelligentsia anyway. unfortunately the closest west coast locations are all in the bay area in SF. but my guess is that LA will be close behind.

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