Saturday, April 17, 2010

day ten, noodles and neon

today we went to a famous noodle restaurant that charles suggested. it's handmade by a master noodle maker that uses a bamboo pole to make the noodles. it's been said that in 10 years no one will be making noodles in this way. it was an adventure just to find the place but we finally found it after asking two different people for help. the noodles are hair thin but so chewy, in korean "cholgee cholgee." it's pretty amazing that noodles that thin could have so much texture.

later in the evening we went to a place called "the peak" that is a top of a high mountain that over looks the hong kong harbor. very cool view and also very windy!

on the way back to the hotel we made it in time to see the harbor laser show. the bigger buildings in the harbor have neon signs or lasers that flash in the world's biggest laser show.

sometimes futuristic technology frightens people. it reminds them that life is changing so fast and the future is unknown and scary. to those people i say, don't worry because GOD is now open at the peak galleria.


  1. haha, who told you that in 10 years no one will be making this anymore?! =P

  2. uhhh...anthony bourdain. duh ;D


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