Friday, April 9, 2010

day two, evening....wayy in the evening

lunch was at the blue bird where we had chinese version of japanese teppanyaki. it was good. another wonderful meal.

i'm getting lots of practice with my new camera while i'm here. i wish i had brought the camera book that mark bought me. sometimes the lighting is a challenge with the indoor/outdoor/cloudy situations.

here are some shots of the factory:

this is the controller board for the 5 color off-set printing press that some of our stuff is on.

this is a room full of some of the women who put the detailed pieces together by hand.

this is the screen printing machine that puts on the glitter to the stickers.

this is another screen printing machine that is doing one color passes on a foam material.

for dinner we had a very chinese dinner as well. if i translate it in english it's roughly translated to "meek-doan-ahld-suh."

observe this foreign dinner. the red box means good luck. it was salty.

this is a red bean pie! like our apple pie but with red bean. wooow. it was ok.

this is a taro pie!! TARO!! crazy crazy. it was goood. much better than the red bean. AND the pie crust is fried like the good ol' days.

by the time we left the factory it was 10pm. i love 13 hour days of work. **sidenote: it was the "meek-doan-ahld-suh" that rocked my stomach last night. the lucky red box wasn't that lucky.

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  1. So exciting!!! Your photos already look so great! It's amazing what a nice camera can do right?? Love reading about your trip.. Be safe and have fun!!


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