Tuesday, April 20, 2010

day thirteen, hello goodbye

i'm leaving for home tomorrow. it's my last night in china. it's almost been two weeks and i feel like it's been closer to a month. my trip has been a lot work and a lot of fun, which is a good balance i think.

today for our last night in china we drove 45 min. to the hyatt in dongguang. probably one of the most beautiful hotels i've seen. we went for a steak dinner and the ribeye did not disappoint. a wonderful steak served with watercress for a wonderful fresh crunch with the flavorful beef. the fresh bread that was served as an appetizer was probably one of the best tasting breads i've had. a really good crust with an absolutely tender center. delicious. i could've eaten another loaf for dinner.

china has been such an adventure and our contact here in china has been such an exceptional hostess. i'm so grateful for the past two weeks and for all the experiences i've had. now that it's time to come home i'm very ready to see the good ol' U S of A.

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