Monday, June 13, 2011

anna shea chocolates & lounge

This past friday the hubby and I had a date night and we started the night off with dessert at Anna Shea Chocolates & Lounge in The Arboretum in South Barrington (a bourgey suburb of Chicago, think Newport Beach if you're from CA).  Anna Shea sells jewel-like chocolates that are made on site, gelato, chocolate based hot and cold drinks (including martinis) and has a lounge that is attached to their store for people to hang out or rent for bigger parties.  We were told that a lot of bridal showers were held here...I could see why.  

We had a free sample of "Heart of the Ocean" which is a dark chocolate ganache with sea salt.  It was actually pretty good.  But we were there for the drinks because we had heard that the hot chocolate was really good.  Mark had the English Toffee Coffee and I had the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate.  Holy cow, after the first sip we were both sold.  Keep in mind that neither of us are chocolate people but this place had come highly recommended.  We also enjoyed a small piece of pistachio and cranberry bark which was really good too.  

After the third or fourth sip of chocolate we were feeling kind of sick...too much chocolate!  We saw some women sharing a tray of fruit and cheese with a bottle of wine which seemed tempting but we wanted something else to cut through the constant sweetness.  Something like a steak or!  But alas there was nothing to save us and we just had to push through the chocolate.  I'd recommend Anna Shea but it's definitely an occasional guilty pleasure.  

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