Wednesday, June 29, 2011

unsolicited wedding advice wednesdays : bridal shower gift idea

The typical bridal shower gift is lingerie from Victoria's Secret.  It's always fun and funny to see the reaction of the bride and the guests to see crazy lingerie.  It's a great gift to give but I'd like to suggest a different kind of bridal shower gift - a bridal emergency kit.  Almost everyone and their mom told me, as the bride, to prep an emergency kit for the wedding day.  While I totally agreed and wanted and intended to have such a kit it honestly became the last thing on my mind by the time the wedding came and I had no kit on the wedding day.  AND I needed one!  Haha, Murphy's law.

One of the things that kept me from making this kit for myself is because it requires so many separate pieces to be assembled.  How great would it be if a bride could receive an emergency kit as a gift.  You do the leg work for the bride and you could save the day when it comes down to it!

Here's a list that I would've had in my emergency kit:
Safety pins (various sizes)
Lip gloss
Oil blotting paper
Bobby pins
Double-sided tape/Hollywood Fashion Tape
Water bottle with sport top or with a straw
Panty liner
Nail clipper
Emory board/nail file
Travel sized stain remover
Mini can of soda water (to blot stains on the wedding dress)
Hand towel or handkerchief
Pair of flip-flops
Small snacks (like breakfast bars or nuts)
Antacid tablets

Half of this stuff you'd probably already have and the other half you could pick up at the travel section at Target.  Organize it all in a pretty mini tote bag and you've got yourself a pretty great bridal shower gift!

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  1. Loved the idea of an emergency kit as a bridal shower gift. I’m attending my best friend’s bridal shower in a few days and I hope I can manage to put together the kit just in time for the event. She will certainly love it. I’m also excited for her wedding next month at the amazing event venue Atlanta.


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