Friday, June 17, 2011

homemade espresso barbecue sauce

Hannah + Time @Home = Lots o' Cooking.  Hahaha it's true, I get up at 6:15AM with my hubby.  I roll out of bed to make his lunch for the day and coffee for the road.  He's out the door by 6:45AM.  After that I'm pretty much left on my own to fill my day with productiveness.  Hee hee

This week one of the things I made is homemade barbecue sauce.  I've used this Michael Chiarello recipe before to make barbecue ribs and Mark and I both really like it.  Originally I got it from the Food Network Favorites cookbook that I have.  However you can get it online on, here.  The full recipe as is makes about 4 cups of sauce so I usually make half the recipe.  The sauce is awesome BUT unless you plan on using it within the next 2 weeks there's a good chance that it'll go bad.  Remember it's homemade so there are no preservatives.  Part of what makes this sauce so good is found in its name: espresso.  The espresso coffee gives the barbecue rich deep flavor.  

To make the espresso I used a Cilio porcelain coffe maker.  It was a gift from one of Mark's groomsmen and it's pretty cool!  Not practical for making 12 cups but it was great for making a couple of shots of espresso.

We didn't have any ribs at home but this awesome sauce doesn't just have to be on ribs.  Being rib-less but being hungry for lunch I broke out a burger!  Who doesn't love a barbecue burger for lunch?  Unfortunately this is what I had for lunch and not Mark.  :D  Hahaha, sorry honey!

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