Thursday, August 11, 2011

mexican pizza? chalupa? taco?

I don't know what to to call this.  A Mexican pizza?  Well, if you're going by official "Taco Bell" (yeah, we're going for AUTHENTIC here) standards then I believe it needs to be on a corn tortilla.  Chalupa?  I don't think the shell is doughy enough to be a chalupa.  Taco?  Well, "taco" is so general, I guess that would work....

Last night 3pm rolled around and I had to think about dinner.  We eat dinner pretty early at about 5pm.  1.  Because that's when the hubby comes home and he's hungry most of the time  2. Because if you eat dinner there is a better chance for SECOND dinner later.  LOL  jk jk (or am I?!)

See, I had all this taco meat leftover and I wanted to get rid of it.  And I also happened to have a few flour tortillas but Mark is not a fan of soft tacos.  He hates them in fact.  He's a hard shell kind of a guy.  Only this is weird because he hates corn chips.  But anyway..... In a moment of zen I thought, "I wonder if it would be good if I fried the flour tortillas."  Because, as you know,  hard taco shells are nothing more than fried corn tortillas.  Maybe the same magical properties would apply to frying a flour tortilla.  Verdict?  It was a hit.  YES!  It's the little things in life that make me happy... like a hubby with a happy tum tum.

[Insert name here of what you think what is pictured above], serves 2
4 flour tortillas (soft taco size)
cooked taco meat (I used a combo of beef and al pastor pork)
your preferred toppings (I used diced red onion, sliced scallions, shredded lettuce)
shredded cheese
vegetable oil (don't use EVOO when frying)

1. Cover the bottom of a heavy-bottom skillet with oil.  Heat oil with high heat.  When the oil looks shimmery or just hot in general test by dropping a sliver of a tortilla to see if it will fry.  When ready use tongs and fry one tortilla at a time.  The tortilla may puff up so use the tongs to keep the side touching the oil.  Flip when brown and adjust temp if it's browning too fast.  Place on a paper towel.

2. Top your fried flour tortillas with meat and toppings plus some salt and pepper.  (**Optional: my cheese wasn't melting so I put the topped tortillas under the over broiler until the cheese melted and put the lettuce on AFTER. )  Serve immediately and with hot sauce or salsa.  Fold like a taco or eat flat like a "pizza."

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