Tuesday, August 9, 2011

omd : forlife q teapot

I have a hobby.  I like collecting teapots.  I don't particularly drink tons of tea but I just like the way they look.  To me they represent beauty, design, and connecting.  I have 5 in my collection so far and unfortunately only 2 were able to come with me to IL.  Here's a picture of one of my favorites, click here and see them in action, click here.

I'm usually more fond of older designs like the Hornsea design from the first previous post or like vintage Mikasa Cera Stone designs but recently I purchased a Japanese teapot from Mitsuwa here in IL to use for everyday tea service purposes.  It's really simple and lovely so it meets 2 out of 3 for my criteria save for one.   It drips.  There's nothing more annoying about a teapot than one that drips.  It makes you question yourself, "Is it me?  Is my pouring technique not demure enough?  Should I change into a kimono even though I'm not Japanese?"  No, no the failure is in the design.  Sometimes even the most pretty teapots suck at pouring because of poor design.  Often the culprit is the spout.  My advice when buying a teapot is to try it out before purchasing if you can (I wish I had done this).  Also, based on my current frustration, avoid horizontal spouts.  Look for ones that are downward pointing.

Pictured above is a Forlife Q teapot and it's the current "object of my desire (OMD)."  It's design is more modern than I usually am drawn to but I still think it's quite attractive and I love the color.  Although I don't own it I have read reviews praising it's pourability.

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