Wednesday, August 24, 2011

unsolicited wedding advice wednesdays : what to register for


In the kitchen your best friend is your trusty knife.  Some people are more comfortable with chef's knives but I prefer a santoku style knife.  I find that I'm able to have more control with the smaller 6.5" santoku knife and sometimes the girth of an 8" chef's knife is more girth than what is necessary for the everyday jobs.  But at the end of the day you need to work with what you're used to or what you're comfortable with.  Above is the Victorinox 40520 Fibrox 8" Chef's Knife.  And below with the terrible picture is the MAC brand Santoku knife #SK65.

One tip for buying a knife is to try it out if you can.  Unfortunately most stores don't carry a wide variety of knives.  If you register with consider putting knives on your registry so that you can try out what you get and return what you don't like.  Another thing to remember is that it's important that the handle is such that when you grip it your knuckles don't hit the cutting surface.  Since all purpose knifes are more for chopping and not for butchering it's a good idea to have a blade that is not too wide but has a balanced weight to it when you hold it.  Knives are a big investment and if you find your match it'll last you for many years to come.  Remember, a dull knife in some ways more dangerous as a sharp one so keep them sharp!

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