Wednesday, August 3, 2011

unsolicited wedding advice wednesdays : guests with cameras

Photo by Howard Min via Love & Lemonade

Where's Waldo?  Where's the real photographer in the shot above?  Oi, Asians and their cameras...even the friggin' kid has a camera.  LOL

Before my wedding my brother who has a DSLR emailed me and asked me to contact my photographer, Love & Lemonade (woot!), to see if it would be ok for him to take some shots during the wedding.  I had never heard of such a request before.  Initially I thought, "What's the big deal if you shoot during the wedding too?"

Later it was explained to me by Nina that sometimes flash photography can compete with the main photographer's camera and completely ruin shots.  GASP!  Wouldn't that be the WORST?!  Your photographer is paid a lot of money to take beautiful pictures and how crummy would it be to have their shots and in turn YOUR shots be ruined by a wedding guest's camera?

At the wedding in Maryland that Mark and I went to we witnessed a very trigger happy wedding guest.  He went ON STAGE to get his shots!  Whoa....balls of steel.  Mark and I kept looking at each other as the real photographer had to maneuver AROUND this wedding guest to get his shots!  Oh man...I really wanted to grab that guy by the collar.

Here's a blog post that Nina wrote regarding the subject of wedding guest cameras and the people who love to shoot them.  It's a very educational post for the wedding guest but also for the bride and groom.  I think if I could do it again I would have added a small blurb about flash photography on our wedding program asking our attendees to request guests to have no flash photography and explaining why as they signed in.


  1. Hilarious post!
    Why have you not told me about your super uber cute blog!!?? Now I can keep tabs on you! Ha! Hope all is well and that you are very very happy! You sound happy! Your blog will now be a daily read!

  2. Hi Suezi! I dunno why but I was embarrassed about my little blog. :) Hope you're doing well too. I miss you and thanks for reading!


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