Tuesday, August 30, 2011

zaru soba

Zaru soba is a Japanese cold noodle dish.  The noodles are made from buckwheat flour and topped with nori (Japanese seaweed).  Served with the noodles is a dipping sauce that can have grated daikon radish, chopped scallions, and wasabi added to it.  The soba noodles are served on a slotted bamboo mat called a 'zaru' but I didn't have one but I did have a bamboo sushi roller.  On a hot summer day zaru soba is very refreshing and I would think pretty healthy.

Zaru Soba, serves 2
2 bundles of buckwheat soba noodles
shredded nori (optional), I used scissors

Follow the cooking directions on the noodle package.  Rinse the cooked noodles with cold water and drain.  Wrap the cooled noodles around your fingers to create little "nests" of noodles.  Top with nori.

Soba Sauce (store bought, look in Asian food aisle or Asian market) **check to see if your sauce is concentrate or if it's ready to serve as is.  If the sauce is too salty add water to dilute.
grated daikon raidsh, grate on the small holes of your box grater
chopped scallions

When ready to eat combine all sauce condiments in the sauce dish.  Make sure the wasabi dissolves or you might get a spicy surprise!  Dip the soba noodles in the sauce and eat.


  1. you and your soba ... reminds me of China! awww ... Hannah memories! (tear)

  2. *single tear* sniff, where have all the good times gone now that we are so far apart from each other, shelby?


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