Wednesday, August 17, 2011

unsolicited wedding advice wednesdays : handkerchief

I wasn't supposed to cry at my wedding.  There were bets placed that Mark would cry and I would not.  Ok, bets were placed by me.  Everyone knows that Mark is the more emotional one and I was not supposed to cry.  I was supposed to be the happy smiley one all day.  And I was...until I cried.  

Nina, in her glorious wisdom, at the last minute suggested that I take a tissue with me before I walked down the aisle.  At this point I was still highly confident that the only tears that would be flowing would be from Mark.  The bridesmaids thought of subtle placement for the tissue...tucked in the bouquet (veto: it'll probably fall out), folded in my hand (veto: what do I do when I hand off my bouquet again and again), in my bust (veto: how am I supposed to retrieve it?  Put my hands in the cookie jar?!).  At the last moment I decided to go tissue-less and it turns out I needed it.  I had to strategically look at the ceiling during prayers or dab my eye with my finger.  Learn from my mistake.  You may or may not cry.  But if you DO you do not want to be tearing without something elegant to catch your tears.  Consider a sweet embroidered handkerchief.  

The one pictured above is from BeCreativeCrafts on, here.  The ones below are from The Irish Linen Company in the UK.  I'm not sure if we're able to order from the US but here are some lovely options if we can, here.  I think these would be lovely gifts for bridesmaids too.  

Ok, so I'm all about DIY or "value" options so if buying an embroidered handkerchief doesn't fit the budget then considering buy very inexpensive white handkerchiefs and the swap meet and dying them to match your wedding colors with Rit fabric dyes (find at any craft or fabric store).  I've even dyed fabric using acrylic paint.  It may come out blotchy but I kind of like that.  Check stores like Marshalls, TJ Maxx, or second hand stores for patterned handkerchiefs.  Or try raiding your mom's or grandmother's dresser drawers.  

Last issue: what do you do with the handkerchief when you hand off your bouquet at various points during the service?  Of course you could hold it in your hand but if it's during a time when you need both your hands (like a candle-lighting) my idea was to use those thin latex elastic hair ties (but not in neon colors haha) that are used for kids hair and wrap one near the top of your bouquet.  Tuck a corner of the handkerchief through the elastic to keep it attached to the bouquet when you hand it off.  This will allow you to pull it free with you need it and tuck it secure when you don't.  

***Update:  Another great site with affordable prices is  Check out their gift wraps (aka big handkerchiefs here).  I might buy one to wear as a scarf during the fall.  :P


  1. I got handkerchiefs for all the girls/moms/grandmas on my wedding day at various antique stores in Orange. They were super inexpensive. I think the priciest one was $4. Everyone loved them and they did come in handy :)

  2. Ooo, cool, Kristen. I was thinking that if the bridesmaids gifts were small enough it would be cute to wrap the gifts with the handkerchief too.

  3. Oh yeah! Good jewelry! :D


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