Monday, August 15, 2011


Oops.  I broke something.  It was really dumb.  I was defrosting some chili in a bowl in the fridge overnight and instead of microwaving the chili in a room temperature bowl I got lazy and tried microwaving the chili in the cold bowl.  Yup, epic fail.

The bowl cracked and of course it was part of a discontinued set from Crate & Barrel.  I went online and saw that the bowl was still in stock with limited quantities but even though the damage was my fault I wondered if C&B had some kind of grace policy.  I was right about to email C&B's Customer Service when a little dialogue box opened.  It was their "Live Chat" Customer Service.  I chatted online to a customer rep and she was able to send me a replacement bowl for free.  How wonderful!  I love C&B.  My friend, Shelby (woot woot!), likes to say "It never hurts to ask."  Very true, very true indeed.

SO, rather than throw away the damaged bowl I decided to wash it, reuse it, and make it my new spoon rest!  Ta-dah!  Yes, I have issues.  

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